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Software Developers

od ID Consulting u Beograd
We are looking for new team members for our partner, a successful international software development and product design studio.
Our partner is a company with a team of cool, smart, highly professional engineers working to develop the most innovative, cutting edge solutions for successful companies and startups in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

With challenging projects, prominent clients and an inspiring organizational culture, atmosphere and environment this company offers incredible opportunities for all of its team members. Working with us allows you to grow and develop your career and at the same time bring high value to your standards and personal life.
During the last period they focused intensively on international growth.

This cool team is currently looking for experienced Software Developers to join their office in Belgrade.
Given the highly focused learning and development driven environment there are no specific requirements when it comes to the technological preferences of candidates.
They value and look for eager to learn, agile, energetic, enthusiastic candidates that are open to new experiences and who are prepared to face the challenges of today’s technology with the rest of the team.

Key position requirements:
 BA degree in Computer Science or a related technical field/relevant education in programming;
 previous experience in software development (web), minimum 2 years (formal or freelance);
 understanding of design patterns and their implementation in real life coding problems and ability to provide best practice solutions;
 highly developed ability to analyze and understand the business context and logic behind a software solution;
 passion for working on hard scoring problems;
 capacity to occasionally write good content, training material or tutorials to both document your work and teach others how to use it;
 an algorithmic approach to problem solving; and
 fluency in English.
Key competences valued:
 results oriented;
 highly motivated for continuous learning and development;
 learning agility;
 proactive, initiative taking, self-driven mindset;
 creativity and innovation;
 credibility, integrity and professionalism;
 focus on excellence; and
 adaptability and flexibility.
Cool facts about the company
 We make software for some of the coolest products for the future today, including Google Glass, Oculus Rift and smart watches.
 NASA astronauts are using smart glasses in space whose software was developed by our team.
 We work on projects that aim to provide energy in those countries without reliable access.
 We developed software for the world’s first smart locator and phone for kids.
 We have a Fun Committee whose sole purpose is to organize cool activities just for fun.
 We end our business week each Friday with a happy hour at 5 p.m.
 We do not believe in company ID cards.

Working environment
In an incredible work space our highly motivated team of experts creates an inspiring dynamic and energetic environment that results in great new ideas and products.

Learning and development
The projects that we work on, our clients and our environment are all dynamic, modern and challenging. Working with us means embracing a continuous and comprehensive learning process that enables us to follow the innovations and technological challenges of the future. Encouraging growth and development in our people is one of the most important missions of our company.

Compensation and benefits
In an environment where people will feel happy, satisfied and productive we always provide high quality for our clients, but also aim to provide high quality working conditions and standards for our employees. We provide competitive compensation packages that meet the needs of our employees and benefits like our own gym, swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, games areas, living room, happy hours, team buildings sessions, free refreshments (coffee, tea and fresh fruit), etc.

If you are interested in joining this unique team then we encourage you to share your background, interests and ambitions with us.

We are waiting for your applications!
Objavljen od 26 Mar Pogledano 1457 puta
Objavljen od 26 Mar Pogledano 1457 puta
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